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The Last Hour - Charles Sheehan-Miles
I'm having a hard time rating this book and maybe I shouldn't right now. I'm way too emotional after just reading the last 10% or so.

I wish I could have loved the book as much as I did the first two and the little sequel to A Song for Julia. I wish it would have gripped me as tight and made me turn each page biting my nails wanting to know what was going to happen next.

I did turn the pages, but it was in hope of the book getting better. In all honesty, I couldn't have cared less about the trial and the sexual harrassment charges. It just didn't touch me. I felt it was too much, too over the top and angsty for the sake of angst.

I think the book would have had enough angst (and I'm an angst!whore) without the drama happening outside of the car accident. Adding these two story lines just made it dull for me. Also the skipping from present to past just didn't work well for me. I was sadly bored by some of the flashbacks.

I loved Ray's inner monologue though. I loved when he talked about Carrie and his love for her. I loved seeing them in love and I wish we would have gotten more of that. I wish they would have had the possibility to have time to fall in love and get married before the accident. I loved the epilogue, even though - especially might be more accurate - it made me cry a lot.

I'm still baffled and surprised at the way the book ended. But I guess that's just the way life is. It isn't always sunshine and rose and everything will be okay again. Sometimes it's just the opposite. It's hard and real and bleak and rips your heart out and stops on it. But in the end there might just be a light a the end of the tunnel.