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Champion: A Legend Novel

Champion: A Legend Novel - Marie Lu I'm having a hard time rating this book, because for the most time it was probably closer to being 3 stars, but then the last 5% happened. I think that's what saved the book for me.

Maybe my expectations where just too high and the book/books could never have been able to meet them. I wanted this series to be good, I wanted it to sweep me off my feet and spin me around, leaving me short of breath and lightheaded. And it did at times, mostly when June was thinking about Metias (I so wish he wouldn't have to die in the first book, because I wanted to know more about him. While he was dead for like 95% of the series I think he's still my favorite character) and Day about his family.

But often enough it just didn't deliver.

I wondered what the third book would be like after the ending in the second one, which would have even worked as an overall ending for me. And I'm gonna say some parts down right bored me. First and foremost the romance. I mean was there even romance? I didn't feel it. Not once in any of the books did I get why Day was so deeply in love with June. It just passed right by me. I think it would have worked better if they'd been friends - Lu could have still had the ending she wrote.

Also, even in the last book I couldn't behind the idea of Day and June being fifteen/sixteen. I feel like I've been missing parts that explain to me why they're already so grown up.

The end to the war felt just anticlimatic to me. At one second they're going right at each other's throats and then suddenly it just seems to be over. I appreciate that Lu kept her books so short and full of action, without filling the pages with unnecessary info dumps. But here I would have liked a little more detail.

Now the ending that was beautiful and it worked best for me. I think to me that was the best scene in the entire trilogy between Day and June. I really loved it.

It was an enjoyable read overall, but it didn't blow me away like I hoped it would.