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Just Remember to Breathe

Just Remember to Breathe - Charles Sheehan-Miles What wonderful 'screwed up' characters. I'm really enjoying this series. I do have a little problem with them not even mentioning Andrea in this one, though. I mean she would have been like twelve or forteen by then, so I think it was kinda weird and confusing that Alexandra hadn't even shared one single thought of her, especially during Thanksgiving.

And how can it be that after what happened with Julia the parents are still as clueless as ever? Can two people be really so ignorant of their own kids? I think this is incredible sad and a lot infuriating. This is the second time the dad apologized to one daughter for practically ignoring her and what was going on around her. How often does he have to do this until he realizes what's going on?

The scene after the party where Randy assaulted Alex made me so angry, because it was so realistic. Of course a spoiled rich brat would never rape someone, no way. It must have been the girl trying to lead him on. It's so sad and infuriating that this wasn't at all an imagined situation but one that still happens everday even in our times in 2013.

The love story was sweet though. I wanted to shake Dylan at times. But I'm glad he got to work on his issues and Alex will be there to help him figure everything out.

Now I'm definitely looking forward to reading about Carrie's story. I really liked her and Ray in this, even if we only got a glimpse.